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A Special Thanks 

A Big Thanks to the tens of thousands who have dropped by the Golden Snowball website since it's been online.  The positive emails and even the negative ones with suggestions that are received through out the snowfall season make it worth the time to keep it up each year.  I still think it's pretty cool how many people are interested in the contests stats and every year more and more people learn about it.


NOAA Weather Website - For having some great stats to make it easy to update the totals each day.  If you haven't checked out their website you really should. They have more than just weather stats and your local weather.  Explore the site and you'll find some great articles and facts that go way back.


Brown Nose Special Thanks.

 These are the people who keep the site and contest going by sending traffic and keeping it in the news.  Hey a little sucking up never hurt anyone!  All kidding aside every time I read something about the contest it gets me motivated to put more time into the site.  Anytime I need some info or contact information they are always willing to help out.


Sean Kirst Journalist with the Post Standard and who enjoys the snowfall contest as much as the rest of us and is one of the main people who always keeps us interested in the Golden Snowball award with his great articles about it.  Thanks Sean for all the feedback, help and for some of the great plugs you have given the site.

William Cates of the Associated Press also puts out an article or two every year about Golden and the contest.  Thanks Bill.

Mark Weiner who does the weather for the Post Standard and and also keeps the stats for the contest in the weather section.  Mark also writes about the Golden Snowball contest in the newspaper.  Maybe one of these days he'll plug the site.   Today Mark???  Marks been trying to get something going for a good award ceremony for the trophy for this year.

Peter Chaston who took the time to clue me in on a lot of good facts about the contests beginning, what they use to do with it and a ton of other stuff.  Mr. Chaston is the person who started the Golden Snowball contest.  Read More Here

All the other journalist who have helped by dropping a link to our site in their articles in the past.  Thanks it is appreciated and I read them all.


Thanks to my New Forum Buddy's

The forum was a new addition this year and didn't take off like I was hoping it to but the people that came around were great people.  A little razzing, a little fun!  Every city in the Golden Snowball Contest except for Albany had someone there and someone from Oswego for the smaller city's.  We were a little out numbered by them folks from Binghamton but we managed to come out alive.  Thanks for the fun guys:

Binghamton Aggie = Obviously Binghamton

Coaster = Bingo Again

WeatherT = Oswego/Fulton

Daver = Bingo Once Again

RockCity = Rochester

Weather T and Daver are both trained meteorologists who always kept us up to date in the forums and answered any questions that any of us had.  Anthony (AKA - WeatherT) from the forum kept us up to date most of the year with some of the smaller city snowfall totals.  Check his site and stats out for Oswego and Fulton Here  Daver from the forums is a Meteorologist with NOAA in Binghamton and was also great at keeping us up to date.  Any time I asked for something he would check into it and get right back to me.  Check his site out Here  Big site ya got there Daver!!!

Thanks Anthony and Dave for taking the time to help out this year.  Don't be disappearing come next winter ; )

My apologies for those I missed from the old forum and anyone else I left out that contributes to