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Below are some of the merchants that I deal with for my shopping websites.  We do most of our gift shopping online and I think last Christmas we were able to do all of our shopping online.  All of the bigger stores like Walmart, Sears, Kbtoys and Toys-R-Us are online along with a ton of smaller shopping sites that have some great deals, tax free shopping and a lot of the time good deals on or even free shipping especially during the Christmas season.  One thing to remember is that just like the walk in stores, it's the same online that hot selling items be it toys or gifts sell out fast so if you find something that's priced right, don't wait too long.  The merchants also send us coupons and deals to pass along to our visitors which I will try to keep updated here.  If you see a special we have listed here that has expired, you should still check the store out because most likely they changed it to another special.  That happens a lot and a lot of the time the deals might be just good for online.  Also in most cases if the merchant doesn't have a store in your state then you won't be charged taxes online.  One of the many reasons that millions of people shop online.


Free Shipping on Christmas Gifts at Target

Target stores online has free shipping on over 18,000 items for the home! Why go out shopping when you can get your Christmas gifts shipped free to the door?

Christmas Gifts at Target

Christmas Toys at Walmart

Right now walmart has 97 cent shipping on a ton of toys, video games and some other stuff.  They also finally have a decent clothing dept online.

Click Here for Toys at Walmart

MLB Gear

Hundreds of college teams sports apparel. Over 200 Syracuse products including sweatshirts, toodlers clothing and apparel, flags, blankets and stuff for the house.

Syracuse Sports Apparel

I really like this little childrens shop.  Really good prices on personalized gifts for baby showers, little girls music boxes and a lot more.  Ok, so I didn't browse the whole site but what I did look at was nice!

Childrens Personalized Gifts

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Some of the best deals online product wise are items and gifts such as shoes, purses, toys, perfumes, college stuff, sporting goods and really a bunch of other stuff.  To my surprise shoes are a big seller.  I think the main reason is that most of the shoe stores have free shipping and no taxes and most important they have free return shipping if they don't fit.  Hmmm, isn't there a saying something like "if the shoe don't fit, don't wear it"? Well in this case don't wear it and just ship it back.  Ok, I'll shut up now and let ya check out the shopping at the secure gift stores below.  Hey, Have a great Christmas All.

Amazon Christmas Deals
  If you want to get a lot of your Christmas shopping done at one shop then Amazon is the place.  The last I counted they had something like 2 trillion items.  Ok, so you know I can't count higher than 100 but seriously they have any Christmas gifts you might be looking for and they have some decent prices on gifts for the home, cameras, dvds and music, kitchen stuff and anything from a to z. Amazon is probably where I shop the most at.  I have the shopping link going to the deals page on their site but there is a whole lot more.

Toys R UsToys Stores Online  Toys R us has always been one of my favorite places to shop at for toys.  They always have some kind of toy sale going on.  One of these years I should shop for my kids presents there instead of shopping just for myself  This store has a pretty good selection of mens, womens and kids shoes and boots.  They have a coupon code to save $5 bucks off any order over $50.00.  At checkout just enter - BUY5 - to get the discount.


Shoes at Zappos  Zappos is another great place to buy shoes, purses and handbags at.  I've shopped at both stores and never had a problem and NO, I wasn't shopping for handbags and purses,

I'm a guy.  I was looking for high heels to match  myyyyy Ooops, thinking out loud again! 

Zappos really does have some of the best prices on shoes and winter boots, purses and handbags.  One thing I liked is their shipping seemed to be faster than some of the other gift shopping sites.


Teens and Womens Clothing

For some reason I always thought Esprit was an underwear and bras store.  I finally checked out the shopping sites and found that as usual I was clueless : )  They have a decent selection of teens and womens clothing.  I personally like the style of the clothes but then again, I'm a guy so what do I know and do you really care what I like .  They carry shirts and tops, pants, dresses, skirts, coats and jackets, bla, bla bla.  I'm sounding like a salesman now.  Hey one nice thing about shopping online is no one will follow you around the store to help you when you don't want help.  Of course where are they when you need help huh?

Visit Here for Womens Clothing


Shop at Ebay Auctions   Everyone has hear of Ebays auctions.  You know the place where people bid an unheard of amount of money because a potato chip might have a face on it that looks like Elvis.  In reality ebay is a great place to shop at believe it or not.  They have a lot of good merchants there selling stuff on a daily basis.  Most people don't realize that a lot of the stuff there is new brand name products.  They have a lot of items with a "buy it now" button in which you don't have to go through the bidding process but can buy it right away for the price they have listed.  To me the auctions are more fun but if you don't want to get addicted to the bidding then just click the buy it now.  You will find some great Christmas gifts and presents there at good prices.  One thing though when shopping and making a purchase is to make sure you check out the sellers track record.  Stick with someone who has sold a lot there and has a good standing with a lot of positive feedback.  Obviously if you see a seller that has 200 positive feedbacks and 2 negatives then that would be a great seller. has some good deals on babies and little kids clothing.  They have a lot of name brand clothes for both boys and girls.  With winter around the corner they are worth checking out for some discounts on kids clothing.

Click Here for Kids Clothing and Apparel


A Lot More Christmas Gifts Shopping Below

wagon christmas gifts

1. Here is a coupon code that Redwagons sent us to offer our visitors for 10% off your entire purchase: Use coupon Nov10 - expires Nov 30th, 2005 No minimum spending!
2. FREE SHIPPING on all purchases for the month of November. No minimum purchase!
3. Free gift with purchase for entire month of November - no order minimum. Gift is $25 value - a miniature collectable 1950's Radio Flyer Streak-O-Lite wagon

Radio Flyer Wagons and More at



Crazyforbargains is another good shopping site for mens, womens and kids pajamas, slippers and boxer underwear.  They have a fun selection including Christmas boxers and pajamas, superhero sleepwear, some plus sizes and just a lot of cute stuff.  Prices are pretty good too!

Visit Crazy Bargains for Fun Pajamas, Slippers, Shirts and Boxers is a jewelry store online that sells look a like jewelry that some of the famous movie stars wear.  They pay thousands of dollars, You don't!  If your shopping for rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, jewelry boxes and gifts like that then check em out.  They also have a $10.00 closeout section.

Click here for Jewelry Shopping




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